#71 – Wellington College, Wellington Hotel

Wellington College, Wellington Hotel: Frith no. 57928

Wellington College, Wellington Hotel: Frith no. 57928

“Wellington College, Wellington Hotel”

The hotel was demolished in the late 1960s, and no trace of it now remains (as far as I am aware)

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  1. Hi, i’m looking for some information on the name of a hotel in crowthorne demolished in the sixties. Also would anybody remember who ran the hotel? Trying to trace relatives of the landlady who ran it at the time. the landlady was from dublin as far as i know, her name was either Coyle Or Coyne. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Patrick.

    • The only hotel demolished in the sixties that I know of is the Wellington Hotel. I can see if I can find out anything about who ran it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with much

    • Have you seen the most recent comment?

  2. Mrs Lester was the proprietor of the Wellington Hotel in the 1930s and 1940s. My aunt, Margery Buchanan went “to arrange the flowers” and became indispensible help to Mrs Lester. My fiancee and I stayed there in 1961. Its furnishings were in a delightful Edwardian time-warp.
    In the morning, hot water was left in an enamel jug outside each bedroom door for one’s washbasin. It was to close in a few weeks time.

  3. I’m confused as I remember the Wellington hotel in the 1970’s

  4. My name is Coyne and I use to live at the hotel.it was eventually knocked down and a housing estate built in the grounds.Nicola Crouch is correct in that the hotel was operating in the 70’s.
    We also had about 30 horses in the paddocks and stables at the back of the hotel and ran a riding stables.

  5. My comment for 19/4/12 stands. My finance & I stayed there for a couple of nights before it was going to close in 1961 (We married on 10th June that year)

    • Hi Brian slightly confused regarding your comment standing? What still stands?

    • It may well of closed Brian but I can sure you the count family owned lived and ran that hotel in the 70’s

      • Apologies * coyne family*

      • Miss Baumgartner, who had a cottage in Finchampstead and let it to my grandmother in 1924, lived at the Hotel for many years. She was delighted to meet me, as a member of the family, after all those years, when we stayed there for a couple of nights at the Hotel in 1961. Miss Baumgartner was leaving because, as I understood it, the Hotel was going to CLOSE. It may have been that it was going to be SOLD.
        The Rates Books should say when Mrs Lester sold and when the Coynes bought it.

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