I started collecting old postcards of Crowthorne in early 2006. In less than a year, I got over 40 cards. I happened to find a site displaying postcards of Ramsgate, and it had recent photos to compare them to. I’m trying to do this for as many of my cards as possible, but there are still some to do.

I used to display them on my own website, but in early 2007, I decided to create a site dedicated to displaying items relating to the history of Crowthorne – postcards, old newspaper articles, that sort of thing.

I’m adding scans of the fronts of the postcards first. I will then add recent photos of the locations, and then scans of the backs of the cards. After that, I will be trying to find and add other items, such as newspaper articles.

I hope the site grows, and that other people will contribute their collections as well.


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  1. I am doing family history research in Crowthorne around 1900-1920 and am looking for any leads or visual aids to add to the general background. I have found the reverse side of photos or postcards have sometimes been more revealing than the picture. Would it be possible to contact you?

  2. Re: Crowthorne Baptist Church.
    I am researching the history of the site of Crowthorne Baptist Church and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell me:
    1. When was the current church building built?
    2. When was the previous church building built?
    3. What was the site used for before the first church was built?
    Any old pictures of the area would also be appreciated.
    Many thanks

  3. hi, I have a large c.14ft shop sign or similar that reads “Stewart Greenway” found in the loft? Any ideas if Mr Greenway is related to Crowthorne’s history?
    You are welcome to the sign if it is.

    • It’s not a name I’m familiar with, I’m afraid. Would it be possible for you to take a photo of it and email it to me? I might be able to make a few enquiries about it, but sadly I don’t have anywhere I’d be able to store something that size.

  4. Hi. I would like to hear from anyone who can tell me what the site of crowthorne c.of e. School, on dukes ride, was prior to the school being built.

  5. Hi. do you have any pictures on the road Greenwood rd? As I am doing a english assesment on the town I live in and it would be nice to have an old age picture of what it used to look like compared to my modern house/street. Thank you for your time. Teia xx

    • I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of that area of the village, sorry.

  6. Hi. I have an ancestor who was a farmer of 4 acres at Crowthorne New Farm circa 1881. I would really like to know exactly where this was as I cannot find any ref to it on the web. I know from the census page that it was within the civil parish of Wokingham and the ecclesiastical parish of San (st.) Sebastians, so suspect it would be in the area of ‘Wokingham Without’. Other place names on the census page are ‘White Lodge’, ‘Starwalk Ride’ and ‘Near Heathlands’. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’ve had a quick look at http://www.old-maps.co.uk but haven’t located the farm as yet. I’ll keep investigating when I have a chance, but you may want to see if you can find it on there in the meantime. I have found a building called White Lodge on Lower Wokingham Road (postcode RG45 6DB)

    • Crowthorne farm was on the Old Wokingham Road in between Ellis Road and Hatch Ride.All built on now of course.That may be it.

      • The land also went out to New Wokingham Road in the Greenwood road area.I have been told the original house is still in the area.

  7. Hello aim a descendant of Thomas Hills who had the Butchers shop on Church Street pre 1910. Thomas Hills was killed by a horse hoof a year later his sons 2 of them went to New Zealand to farm 2 daughters went went onto South Africa. Thomas Hills also owned aa Butchers shop on the High St in Cookham. I’m very keen to find information on the the Butchers shop in Church St Crowthorne and anything on the Hills family leading up to and after 1900. You can also contact me on my email address which is stephenrchills@hotmail.com. Thank you. Stephen.

    • Hi I worked at a butchers shop on Church St in 1963. It was a franchise of Anistee’s of Reading . Sam Ward was the manager and Mick Bell was the senior apprentice. Mrs Hunt was the cashier

      • Hello Paul, I see your reply on the Butchers Shop on Church St Crowthorne. Do you have any photographs of it ?

      • I knew Mr Ward well. We have the same surname. We lived at St Johns Lodge, in Church st. At that time (early 50’s and 60’s), Mrs Ogdon owned the first shop in Church st, a sweet shop, next door was a tobacconist. A little further up the road, corner of the High st was a pub. A cobbler was just around the corner in High st. Knights chemist was opposite the pub in High st.

      • Hi John Ward,

        We have recently moved into St Johns Lodge and trying to find out more about the history of the house and get hold of any old pictures. Would be great if you could get in touch.



      • Hi John Ward,

        We have recently moved into St Johns Lodge and we are trying to find out the history of the house and get hold of any old photos etc.

        Would be great to hear from you.


  8. Hello. I have an old sepia postcard sent in 1905. Forest Road is clearly marked on a wall but the view is down the adjoining road. Message on the card states: “The flagpole indicates Woodbine Cottage.” (The flagpole can just about be made out). You are quite welcome to have the card for your collection and project – which looks really interesting and worthwhile for anyone in the area. Don’t know how I came by the card but I too am a postcard collector and am currently pruning my collection! Regards. Look forward to hearing from you. Kim.

  9. Hi – does anyone have a photo of Pinehill Road in old times?

  10. Patricia & previous respondent (myf).
    Thank you both for your replies and info supplied. I have subsequently managed to locate Crowthorne Farm on old maps.co.uk. The farm, no longer in existence, was located where Farm Close, Crowthorne is today (close to the Old Wokingham Road which runs north from Crowthorne towards Wokingham). It appears to have been demolished circa the early 1960’s when the land was presumably sold for the development of housing which covers the area today. The farm appears as ‘Crowthorne Farm’ on old maps of the area up until 1965 when Farm Close then appears where it once stood – on the website: old-maps.co.uk its located under post code RG45 6SE.

  11. Hello, my name is Mike Churcher and with some friends researched the men named on Wokingham’s War Memorial in the Town Hall. The names are also those from St Sebastian’s Church. Here is the page which also provides links to the biographies on these men of Crowthorne: http://www.wokinghamremembers.com/st-sebastians-roll-of-honour/
    Many thanks

  12. Dear myf,

    Please can you or someone contact me as I would like someone to come and talk to the Cubs about the history of Crowthorne. Many Thanks

  13. Hi I’m looking for information on Church Street. I had relatives who live at 16 church street crowthrone in the 70’s but cant see the street numbers go that low now, were they demolished??

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