#44 – Wellington College, Front Entrance

Wellington College, Front Entrance

The postcard is undated.

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#86 – Dukes Ride and the West Gates, Wellington College, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride and the West Gates, Wellington College, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride and the West Gates, Wellington College, Crowthorne, Frith no: 81589

This is the main entrance into Wellington College. I think I once read that the gates get their name not from their location, but because they were given to the College by the West family. (more…)

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#78 – Drive Entrance, Pinewood Sanatorium, Wokingham, Berks

Drive Entrance, Pinewood Sanatorium, Wokingham, Berks

Drive Entrance, Pinewood Sanatorium, Wokingham, Berks

The Pinewood Leisure Centre, as it’s now known, is in Wokingham Without rather than in Crowthorne. I believe Pinewood Sanatorium was set up as a TB hospital for patients from London. In World War II it was a US Air Force hospital. In the 1970s the site began being used to house various locals sports clubs and groups. It now houses gym, judo, boxing, shooting, tug-of-war and model railways clubs (amongst others). It also has a mini railway and allotments.

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#77 – High Street, Crowthorne

High Street, Crowthorne

High Street, Crowthorne. CNE.95

Though still very recognisable as Crowthorne High Street, the road today is much changed – there’s speed bumps, more traffic, a bench & planter near the lamp post, and the shops have all changed. The delicatessen on the left is now Crowthorne Cycles (and has been for many years), the H.F. Money building has been replaced by a 1970s(?) building housing a charity shop, a pharmacy, and This ‘n’ That, and Sworder’s greengrocers shop became Monica’s clothes shop in (I think) the early-mid 1980s.

The large building with the awning has long been C.T. Bell’s electrical shop, though whether it was when this picture was taken, I don’t know.

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#76 – 1st Batt the Crowthorne Wounded


untitled card

The back of the card has a handwritten title “Nov 19th 1914, 1st Batt the Crowthorne Wounded”, along with a list of names of the people pictured. I don’t know where the picture was taken.

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War Weapons Week

This programme is remarkably uninformative about the Crowthorne War Weapons Week – there’s no date or venue given.


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#87 – Church Road, Crowthorne

Church Road, Crowthorne

Church Road, Crowthorne, 101864 Lawrences Stores Series

Similar to this card & this one

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#88 – Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne, Frith no: CNE.60

The building behind the fence on the right was the local heating shop for a long time. It was demolished several years ago, and flats now stand on the site. The building on the left is now the village police station. The road junction has a mini roundabout now, and the fingerpost is long gone.

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#89 – Wellington College. Chapel

Wellington College. Chapel

Wellington College. Chapel

“Wellington College. Chapel”

Postmarked Crowthorne, Berks. 6PM, 1Jy 28

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#91 – Crowthorne


Crowthorne. Four views of Crowthorne, Berkshire. SO 1117

A modern multi image card showing the four churches in Crowthorne:  Parish Church of St John the Baptist (C of E), Baptist, Holy Ghost (Catholic) & Methodist

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