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Published on 11/06/2009 at 21:23  Comments (8)  

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  1. hi
    glad I have found your site many of the photos bought my child hood back to me
    I lived in the victorian gothic heap on the left hand side of pic Crowthorne Village Frith No 57016

    The house was pull down many years ago my famliy lived on the top of the estate and moved to the main house when grandmother died he was the only one living there
    I think i was around 4 or 5 then before i was packed off to boarding school for life or it seemed like it
    So it would have been around 1946 and my famiy sold it 1963, just as i set off to hitch hike around the world, and moved to cornwall
    If u are interested in other details just email me
    By the way fell in love with australia and soon after i got back to UK met my wife and came back to live


  2. Do you give talks on Old Crowthorne? Also, do you know where I can get hold of a map of Dukes Ride circa 1900+, showing the names of the houses.

    Thank you

    • I’m afraid I don’t give talks about Crowthorne, though the library might be able to put you in touch with someone who could help.

      The best place to look for maps that I know of would be although this again might be something that the library service might be better able to advise on. I don’t know whether there might be anything in the Berkshire archives in Reading.



  3. we have a Reminiscence Group that meet in Crowthorne Library once a month and a very lively one it is.Great to talk and laugh about growing up in Crowthorne.A book has just been published Crowthorne The Way It Was that has contributions from most of us about our childhoods.

    • I am very interested in Crowthorne as my mother lived there in the early 1920s. The address was, Manhattan Place, 7 High St Crowthorne. Opposite was a Butchers shop named Talmage
      If anyone has knowledge of this era, I would be most interested to hear from them and if not can anyone point me in the direction of any organistion that could assist.

      Thank you


      • Hi, my late grandmother was Constance lucking, nee Talmage and this was one of her Fathers shops! I would love to find out more information if anyone has any,
        Many thanks,
        Lisa dean

  4. Hi my name is Kay and in 1964 I was living in Crowthorne .We where living in a Hostel as my Mum and Dad had come across bad times. We were on top of a little hill and there was a field on the right hand side as you went up the hill and I remember a funfair being there.My sister was born in a dairy somewhere around there. Does this mean anything to anyone ? Do they know where I mean?
    Thank you
    Kay x

    • I think the dairy was Abbotts (the building’s still there on the corner with the High Street but now it’s a shop called “That’s Nice”), the field is the Morgan Recreation Ground, and the road/hill would be Wellington Road. Don’t know about a hostel, but maybe you’ll find it on Google Street View?

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