ITV documentary: Broadmoor

ITV is showing part one of its documentary about Broadmoor tonight at 9pm. The makers were given more access than anyone has had before, so it should be an interesting programme to watch if you want to find out more about what the hospital does and how it does it. I think it probably won’t cover too much of the history of the place though.

From the Radio Times page about the programme:

“For the first time, the world’s best-known high-security hospital lets in the cameras. Documentaries about prisons, hospitals and mental health facilities have proved popular in recent years and in a sense Broadmoor offers veteran film-maker Olivia Lichtenstein a combination of all three.

It’s unlikely to make for comfortable viewing, though: this is a facility (technically a hospital, not a prison) that houses and treats the most severely psychologically disordered patients, including violent offenders such as Peter Sutcliffe. And having the patients’ faces blurred (on the insistence of the hospital) won’t make it any easier to watch. Even so, it should be grimly fascinating television.


1/2. Part one of two. Having been built as a Victorian asylum for the criminally insane, Broadmoor in Berkshire is now a high-security psychiatric hospital and home to some of the nation’s most violent men – many of whom are considered too dangerous to be accommodated elsewhere. This documentary meets new patients at the institution, others who are responding well to treatment, and some whose lack of co-operation keeps them from moving on.”

The ITV page includes a video clip of the director, Olivia Lichtenstein.



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BBC News Magazine – Broadmoor Hospital: Inside a Victorian ‘lunatic asylum’

BBC News Magazine – Broadmoor Hospital: Inside a Victorian ‘lunatic asylum’

The BBC news website has posted a slideshow about the history, and future, of Broadmoor Hospital. It’s now 150 years since the Hospital (or Asylum as it was originally) opened to both male and female patients.

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Drive around Crowthorne & Sandhurst in 1987

Here’s something a little different: a video on YouTube showing a drive around the village way back in 1987! It’s surprising how similar a lot of the place looks – in many places it could almost be from the present day if there weren’t all the old Escorts and Astras and things about.

#44 – Wellington College, Front Entrance

Wellington College, Front Entrance

The postcard is undated.

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#76 – 1st Batt the Crowthorne Wounded


untitled card

The back of the card has a handwritten title “Nov 19th 1914, 1st Batt the Crowthorne Wounded”, along with a list of names of the people pictured. I don’t know where the picture was taken.

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#87 – Church Road, Crowthorne

Church Road, Crowthorne

Church Road, Crowthorne, 101864 Lawrences Stores Series

Similar to this card & this one

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#88 – Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne

Dukes Ride from Broadmoor Road, Crowthorne, Frith no: CNE.60

The building behind the fence on the right was the local heating shop for a long time. It was demolished several years ago, and flats now stand on the site. The building on the left is now the village police station. The road junction has a mini roundabout now, and the fingerpost is long gone.

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#12 – Crowthorne, Church Street

Crowthorne, Church Street

Crowthorne, Church Street: Frith no. 59486

12.30pm, Sp 2 09.

The Frith website lists the photo as “Church Street 1908”.

In 2008, the Watts buildings on the right of the postcard were demolished, having been derelict for several years. (more…)

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#13 – Crowthorne, Broadmoor Avenue

Crowthorne, Broadmoor Avenue

Crowthorne, Broadmoor Avenue: Frith no. 59478

Wokingham, 9.30am, Sp 9 09.

At some point, the road changed it’s name from Broadmoor Avenue to Lower Broadmoor Road. (more…)

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#15 – High Street, Crowthorne

High Street, Crowthorne

High Street, Crowthorne: Minster Real Photo series

Reading, 3.45 pm, 27 Oct 16.


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